Video History Series 02
In the second edition of BTHS' Video History Series, resident Phyllis Robinson Hawley shares memories of her school days, as well as knowledge of local farms and businesses.
Featured Artifact 02
BTHS' second Featured Artifact, a Hawleyton Mud Cats jug. Learn more about the Mud Cats by clicking the photo!

The City & Town of Binghamton: separate entities

Our museum is housed in the old Hawleyton Methodist Church at 923 Hawleyton Road, Binghamton, NY 13903 and contains a collection of artifacts and histories pertaining to the Township of Binghamton which is a separate entity from the City of Binghamton, our neighbor to the north. If you have a query about a business, place, or person who was connected to the City of Binghamton, you would be better served by contacting the Broome County Historian whose contact information can be found at

This can be confusing because we all use the postal address of Binghamton, NY. (The Township, which includes smaller areas such as Park Terrace, Hawleyton and Ingraham Hill and Pierce Creek, has no post office of its own.)

To learn more about the Binghamton Township Historical Society, our museum and collection, and our projects and plans for the future, please continue to explore our website!

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Video History Series 02

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In our second edition of the Video History Series, Phyllis Robinson Hawley shares memories of her sc

Featured Artifact 02

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The second artifact in BTHS’s Featured series a jug donated by Gorden Hyser, who played it whe

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