Current Projects

Video History Series

BTHS’ latest project, the Video History Series, is an opportunity for residents to record thei
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Upgraded Heating System

The museum’s current furnace is an artifact itself!  The current heating system is severely ou
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Foundation Repairs

Our foundation and cellar area is in need of repairs. Over the years cracks have developed in the fo
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A Bigger Better Sign

We need a bigger and better sign to make our museum more visible! If you can help us with getting a
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Fellowship Hall

Early in 2014 it was discovered that we had raccoons again. This was the fourth time! They were trap
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Digitizing Inventory & Paper Artifacts

Digitizing is a fancy way of saying “scanning and entering the scans into a computer format to make
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New Book: The Hemlocks, Hawley Town, Hawleyton’s Lost History

Hawleyton (Township of Binghamton) was once a thriving community with hotels, a cheese factory, even
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Historical Mapping

One of BTHS’s ongoing projects is to use the memories of our older residents to map out the location
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Completed Projects

Window Renovations

Nine windows on the Fellowship Hall part of the building have been replaced. (Donors are listed belo
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Second Floor Cleanup

Because of the raccoons, the 2nd floor’s ceiling had to be removed and the area cleaned. In 2013, BT
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BTHS Website

As part of the Society’s push to attract greater interest and community interaction, the Socie
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Electrical Renovations, 2nd Floor

Due to raccoon damage over the winter of 2011/2012, the 2nd floor ceiling had to be torn out. The ce
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