Date:April 29, 2015

Fellowship Hall

140920_BTHS04Early in 2014 it was discovered that we had raccoons again. This was the fourth time! They were trapped and the downstairs ceiling had to be removed this time. There always seems to be a silver lining with all these critter invasions, however. We get to see the “bare bones” of the building’s construction. Instead of installing insulation between the downstairs ceiling and the floor above, earlier builders had stapled some kind of heavy cardboard between the floor joists of the upstairs floor. That left a series of 16-inch wide “critter hallways” in which a new set of raccoons began nesting during the 2014-2015 winter season.

This new influx of raccoons has been removed but we are still need to clean away the cardboard dregs. That means a second ceiling area will need attention.