Date:October 28, 2013

Second Floor Cleanup

Second Floor Ceiling Cleaned

Because of the raccoons, the 2nd floor’s ceiling had to be removed and the area cleaned. In 2013, BTHS board members began the residual cleanup (dregs of insulation, etc.) that was left by the raccoon people. That project was completed by Ric Keiser, a community volunteer. He was able to remove all the ceiling remnants including small lumber, tile, insulation, nails, and staples.

Ric’s efforts also led to the discovery of a small leak in the new roof that was quickly repaired by roofers before any real damage occurred.

With the ceiling wholly removed, BTHS was able to conduct several good cleanings of the second floor. The board also set up several temporary displays there – a preview of our future plans to turn the rooms into specific museum areas.